Welcome to the LITS, please look around the product and contact us if you have any questions.

Experience service

Using the administrator app

You can check the remaining amount of feed, look inside the silo in a 3D model, and manage it.


3D Silo Scanner sample

Visual management is possible using a 3D Silo scanner.


Do you have any questions about the LITS service?

Can you tell me the daily feed consumption or the estimated exhaustion time of the feed?

LITS app allows you to conveniently determine the daily feed consumption, weekly feed consumption, and estimated exhaustion of feed at any time. For more information, please contact us and we'll help you.

It is used in a wide area of livestock, dairy, pig farming, and poultry, and can be installed and used in most of the standard silos. If you inquire about the size of more than 10 tons, we will help you after consulting the installation support team.

You can use LITS solutions in various situations such as solid fuel and grain storage.