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IoT Device

3D Silo Scanner

LITS 3D Silo Scanner scans the inside of the silo using a laser sensor and provides the remaining feed, temperature, and internal 3D models through a mobile application.

IoT Device

Experience the service of LITS.

Check the remaining amount of livestock silos and manage them with the app.

You can take care of it easily and conveniently.

3D Silo Scanner

The 3D Silo scanner is safe because it can be seen as a model to see if the internal feed is going down well without having to a high place.

Exclusive application

The remaining amount and temperature of the registered silo can be conveniently checked anywhere, making it easy to plan the supply.

Silo group management

If you are a farm that uses multiple silos for the same purpose, you can set up related silos as a group for integrated monitoring.

Responsible follow-up care

If there is a problem with the product, the installation support team and the agency will take necessary measures through consultation and visit at any time.

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