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  • This 「Guide to Collection and Use of Personal Information」 (hereinafter referred to as “this guide”) is related to users' online inquiries or newsletter subscriptions to Lits Co., Ltd. Lits intends to collect and use personal information with your consent as follows in each case, such as in response to a user's online inquiry or sending a newsletter.

    [Consent to the collection and use of personal information when making inquiries online]

    1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

    - User identification, inquiry response and consultation

    2. Items of personal information to be collected

    - Name, email, phone number, address

    3. Personal information retention and use period

    - For non-members, 3 years after the completion of processing
    - In the case of registered members, 3 years after withdrawal from membership for after-sales service

    4. Penalty for non-consent

    - You may not agree to the above collection and use of personal information.
    However, if you do not agree, the use of the service is restricted.

    LITS Co., Ltd.